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The waste paper recycling industry will be published soon

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With the improvement of people's living standard, digital products begin to enter our life. Household electrical appliances have now become one of the indispensable members of every family. Whether it's a big screen TV for entertainment, an air conditioner that makes cool cool air in the summer, or a refrigerator that keeps food fresh, it has become a necessity in life. As a result of high popularity of household electrical appliances, the total scrap of electrical appliances in China is also increasing. The data provided by the Ministry of industry show that, at present, China's mobile phones, computers, color TV and other major electronic products annual output of more than 2 billion units, the main electrical and electronic products each year more than 200 million units scrapped.

Because of this, the recycling and processing of China's waste electrical and electronic products has become a unique sunrise industry with great potential for development. According to the survey, a ton of waste printed circuit boards can be used to extract 400 grams of gold, 200 kilograms of copper and other precious metals. For such a country with lack of resources in China, these wastes can be changed into useful waste as long as they are reasonably developed and utilized.

But the gold mine is beautiful, but it is very difficult to eat. If the recycling is not proper, a large amount of dangerous, poisonous and harmful substances in the electronic waste will enter the soil, which will cause great pollution to the water source. Without classification, e-waste will cause serious damage to the surrounding environment in the process of unified landfill and incineration.

Therefore, in December 2016, the State Council issued the "extended producer responsibility system implementation plan", defines the connotation and scope of extended producer responsibility, and carried out in electrical and electronic products, automobile, lead-acid batteries, beverage paper composite packaging and other fields, to carry out the producer responsibility in parts and electrical and electronic products, automotive products and other fields to extend the pilot. At the same time, support production enterprises, recycling of resources, enterprises and research institutes, institutions of higher learning set up technological innovation alliance.

New products, related supporting management policies have been introduced, which brings new challenges and opportunities for China's electrical and electronic products manufacturers. May 23rd in the country to vigorously promote green development and extended producer responsibility system construction background, by the United Chinese well-known home appliance industry research institutes, associations and other institutions, organized the 2017 waste electrical and electronic products recycling technology and the extended producer responsibility system (referred to as International Conference International Conference on WEEE and EPR, 2016) of waste electronic products recycling industry white paper released will be released on the meeting.

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